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What is the New Minimum Wage in Ghana


New Minimum Wage in Ghana: Are you working in government agency or any private agency in Ghana, it is necessary for you to know the amount of national minimum wage, and also the amount you are expected to earn monthly and annually.

Minimum Wage in Ghana

The Ghanaian government established a minimum wage to safeguard workers and shield Ghanaians from extortion. All employees are not permitted to be paid less than the required minimum wage by law. In fact, paying employees less than the minimum wage is regarded as a crime.

What is a Minimum Wage?

Minimum wage refers to the legally mandated minimum amount that employers are required to pay their employees for a standard hour of work. It is typically established by the government or labor authorities of a country to provide a basic level of income protection and ensure fair compensation for workers.

The minimum wage can vary from country to country, and sometimes within different regions or industries within a country. It is periodically reviewed and adjusted by the government to account for factors such as inflation, cost of living, and economic conditions.

The purpose of a minimum wage is to establish a baseline standard for wages, prevent exploitation of workers, and promote decent working conditions. It is intended to help ensure that employees receive a fair and reasonable level of compensation for their labor, which can contribute to reducing poverty, improving living standards, and supporting social welfare.

It’s important to note that the minimum wage is a minimum legal requirement, and employers are generally not permitted to pay their employees below that set amount. However, some employers may choose to pay higher wages based on various factors such as industry standards, market competition, skills, and experience of the employees.

New Minimum Wage in Ghana 2023

What will Ghana’s minimum salary be in 2023? In Ghana, the current minimum salary in 2023 is 14.88 cedis, which is more than the GHc 13.53 that employees received in 2022. As part of its endeavor to honor workers and their accomplishments, the National Tripartite Committee (NTC) decided that it was appropriate to examine the pay.

According to a communique issued by the NTC, any establishments, institutions or organisations that [flout] the new rate shall be sanctioned in accordance with the law”.

Following the implementation of the new minimum wage, they have been an upward review of salaries of workers in Ghana.

How much is the salary in Ghana?

wage Explorer states that the average monthly wage in Ghana is GHc 5,070, with the lowest salary being GHc 1,280 and the highest salary being GHc 22,600.

If an hourly wage is agreed upon, and a weekly wage is established, the calculation of the monthly wage is anticipated to be 4.33 times the typical number of hours worked per week. But before a worker is given consideration for this substantial sum, a number of considerations are taken into account.

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